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Runnin' round in cities tell on every corner
the truth that you don't wanna hear.
telling everybody that they have to change
society they're living in.
A bullet's fired at me,
I break down and I seem to die
a car takes me away
the doctor laughs and then he says:
Look at him - he's gonna die -
we killed his body and his mind
He soon passes by

Running through the country begging everybody to keep the rules of mankind.
Try to change the people, change the circumstances to make this a better life.
They put me into jail and try to break my thoughts inside.
They try to break my mind, prepare my farewell from this life.
Look at him.....

Get into the graveyard waiting for my~
very last journey.
Hanging in a tree expecting the old preacher
to hold his ceremony
The people stare into
the grave and see the casket's gone,
they turn their heads around
and hear me cry my words out strong:
Look at me! I'm still alive
You can kill my body not my mind
it passes you by.

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