Far across the ocean there lies an island where the people
living free - where all the sorrows have turned to sand
and where the waves of love are rollin'.

Far across the ocean there lies an island where everyone can
live in peace - so come on over and join this happy life
forget your home brewed misery.

~ Good morning Mr. Jones / Welcome to Happy Island
We are glad to see you here forget your sorrows and feel free

Every minute will be nice and you can do just what you like
your days are bright your nights are sweet as candy.

~ Well livin' is easy on this island where the flowers growing
everywhere the birds are singing in blue sky and
waves are crashing against the shore

Going to the beach each day
take a walk on clean white sand, talk to people have a drink
or shop around and buy some fancy things.

~ It's eight o'clock in the morning these are the news.
Oh! Let's have some commercial baby, this T-shirt will fit
you well, and pills from Doctor Teasy makes your sex life nice
and easy.

Honey dew is good for you,Flowershower brings back
power,Cornflakes take your breakfast to it's top.

Far across the ocean there lies an island where a few people
can live free where dirty money can buy you happyness
and where commercial waves are rolling.

Far across the ocean on Happy Island where the people are
ruled by pelf life seems to glance of splendid exellence
But mind is locked up in a purse.

It's just a big shame life means to buy by this immitation
men only can die.

So if you wanne live a human life you have to break the
mastery of money or spirit get's deranged
Look at the man beside you, look at his face, he's just a
crippled tumor of human race.

Cause he's a man who shrinks his life by silly shopping round
when he did his purchase in the next shop he unfortunately
wastes away.

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