White Room

Sitting in the white room of crazy house in the afternoon
thinking about the coloured rain with the wires in my brain

Waiting for the magic man coming around with his white clan
touch my mind with electricity that's their way to find the key

Sitting in the white room of crazy house in the afternoon
got a number got no name in that crazy medicine game

Well all I need is such a crazy white room
Where I can play with brains in every afternoon

Hanging around in a small dirty room
waiting for someone to help me
smelling a life in a clean plastic cage
my brain will never be free
I play this game for science every single day
and knowledge is the only god to whom I pray.
Some people get into the dirty white room
and shackle me up on a chair
exploring my head, stick the needle into vein
they banish my brain anywhere
The doctor gets into the room the fever's gettin' high
The needle has warmed my vein my feelings try to die
The nurse's counting numbers down my brain begins to fly
The world starts to disappear the future passes by.

Well my life seemed to end in one moment
when the doctor took me out of time
Well my mind's like a headless flyer
without space and without time.

Well my head is feeling like a glassbox
filled up wit bubblin' coloured rain
prevented from swimming through red wires
there lies my little canned brain

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